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Take to a new kind of surface with top-brand carpet tennis shoes

Indoor carpet courts are some of the most challenging surfaces to play on. They differ from outdoor courts to such an extent that many top players consider carpet play to be a different kind of game altogether. Naturally, with such a drastically different surface, you need a shoe that is tailor-made to deal with its challenges. Indoor carpet court play is extremely fast with little bounce and little to no loss of pace for the ball. At Tennis-Point, we stock a range of carpet tennis shoes that offer the flexibility, durability, stability and speed you'll need to take on the carpet court game and win. Choose from some of the top brands in the sport including Nike, Asics and Babolat.

Carpet tennis shoes must solve the riddle of creating excellent traction from a completely smooth sole. Brands like K-Swiss have distinguished themselves in the area of carpet court play thanks to synthetic materials that are both durable and grippy, making them ideal for men's play when you need to reorientate your body mass in a new direction with sudden and explosive speed. The ability to stop and turn can have a safety benefit as well, as indoor carpet courts are often positioned close together with little run-off space allowed. Babolat is another stand-out name on the carpet, with their Propulse line offering exceptional comfort and great heel support ideal for women's feet. We also offer a range of kids' carpet shoes for any young athletes looking to enhance their range by adding a new surface type to their repertoire.

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